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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Book 3 ... does it have a name yet?

As you may or may not know, I'm working on book three in my vampire series ADIB. Tentatively titled After Death, though the name may and probably will change. What else you may not know is that this book is slowly killing me. The Fugees wrote their Killing me Softly song just for me and this book.

Just kidding!! Kind of. In the words of the great Shakespeare, "parting is such sweet sorrow", that is where I find myself now. Sad that when this book is done Callum and Lendyn's story will be over. [Cue sad, tear jerking music here]

Anyway, how about I give you a sample of book 3 ... just a sliver. I picked a random chunk. Hope you enjoy.

I started connecting the polka dots on my skirt in an effort to distract myself so I didn’t think about the question nagging me. 
He placed his hand over mine, his thumb rubbing against my wrist, disrupting the square I was building with the dots around my hands. “Ask,” his voice whispered in my ear. 
Man if only those shots would kick in then maybe this conversation might not be so damn awkward. I took a deep breath. “How do you know—” 
Callum cut me off, “Please don’t doubt my feelings for you, just because I haven’t loved anyone else doesn’t mean I don’t know what it is. Would loving countless women somehow make my love for you more sincere.”
“No.” I met his eye, “No it wouldn’t.”
He kissed my forehead and then pulled away, “Yet, you still looked troubled.”
My mind shifted gears, “But you said you’ve been with one, you know,” I swallowed, “woman?”
He nodded.
“I mean physically you’ve only been with one?”
“Is there something wrong with that?”
I shifted in my seat. He’d only had one lover and he’d never been in love before. It’s not that I didn’t believe him I guess it worried me a little. All this build-up and anticipation from waiting. What if it turned out to be a disaster? I met his eye. No worries, I could train him. 
His brow scrunched, “What?”
“Nothing, it’s surprising is all. You’re 280 years old, I’m thirty-one, practically a baby by comparison yet I’m the experienced one, it’s just weird.” 
He seemed confused or maybe he was upset. Did I hurt his feelings? “Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it, I mean there really isn’t.” I’m not sure if I was trying to comfort him or convince myself it didn’t bother me. 
He scooted closer, his hand resting on the tip of my left knee, his grip tightening there. “Would it help if I said I thought my one time could become something like love?”
“Hell no it wouldn’t, that would make it worse.” His hand moved higher. “Not only does that make me insanely jealous, but it also makes you seem all virginal like one day,” oh my god my face was flaming,  “I’ll deflower you or something.”
He arched his brow. God he was handsome. “Deflower?”
His hand moved higher up my leg resting over my thigh. His fingertips skimmed the hem of my dress. He leaned over, his lips right at my ear. “Are you worried I can’t satisfy you?”
“No,” my voice squeaked. Of course I was, but I couldn’t tell him that. My attention turned to his hand which he then slid up under the fabric of my dress. He whispered, “You are afraid that I’ll be a bumbling fool?”

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