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Monday, June 23, 2014

Did you know ...? A post all about what I'm writing now and next and blahblahblah

Did you know that my life as a writer started when I was pregnant with my second boy? I had just finished my fifth or sixth read through of Harry Potter and was left going "now what?" And thus I started writing. In the beginning I started reading all the books I could find on writing ... on editing ... on plots ... on characters ... on grammar. I took classes, mostly online, and then I plunged head-first into the world of writing. It was in the seas of writing while trying to tread water but mostly drowning that I learned of a forum. It was a magical forum where other wannabe writers talked, shared, laughed and mostly gave each other encouragement (I also happened to meet Colleen Hoover there long before Slammed became a NY Times bestseller).

 It was through this forum that I met some amazing people and five particular women who became my betas. Later they became my sounding boards and then even later became my everything in the writing world. One of these wonderful women, Jen Kreft (find her here, invited me to do a writing blog hop. See of the two of us, (though she claims to have as many technology deficiencies as me, which she doesn't but that's neither here nor there), Jen knows her writing stuff so if she tells me to do it, I do. So without further ado, but a whole lot of prodding from Jen is my post on writing.

 1. What am I currently working on?

 As of today I'm working on book three in my vampire series ADIB. It's the final book and ties up everything and it's making me a total mess. To say "no pressure" is a lie. There's so much pressure that yesterday after I took a shower and went to clean my ears I actually saw some of my brain oozing out. Have you ever tickled your brain through your ear with a q-tip? Needless to say I looked like a dog whose owner had found her favorite scratching spot. But on a more serious note I love this series and want the final book to blow the other two out of the water.

 2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

 You got me. I'm still working on figuring out genres. Books never fit neatly into a box, although you'd think they would since they're rectangular, but whatever. I do know that my female MC is bi-racial. Which is a trend I'm seeing more and more that makes me happy. Since I can only be me it's awesome to read books where the MC is different from me. Either by sex, race, religion or even sexual orientation, I love it!! Diversity in books? One word, WONDERFUL.

  3. Why do I write what I do?

I will say no matter what I write, whether it be paranormal, YA, or sciency (so not a word but should be) there is always a romance. You ask why and I'll tell you why, because I'm a romantic, because I'm in love with love. Personally, I don't believe there is nothing more powerful or more beautiful than two people falling in love. Probably makes me terribly sappy but I can't help it I love love man!! I totally just sounded like an aging hippie.

 4. How does your writing process work? 

 Okay here's a visual to end all visuals, picture a monkey. Are you picturing it? Is he skinny? Hairy? Maybe has a bald butt? Okay, now that you have your monkey I want you to imagine said monkey picking up a pile of his poo and flinging it at the wall. Can you see it? Is it making you laugh? Because it's totally making me laugh. You and your monkey just hanging out flinging poo. HAHAHAHA!!! Well that's me only instead of poo its words and I fling them and some stick and are actually pretty good, but some? Man some stink.

 So now I'm passing the mic to another woman in my writing group. As I mentioned she's part of my everything and her name is Marianne. She's an amazing writer and I hope to the heavens an agent snaps her up and prints her words because they are awesome. Without further ado I give you the amazing, the wonderful, the silly Marianne


  1. Yea, and you nag me all day about not getting on the computer and write, and there you are flinging poo !!! Yea...I know he secret now!! Gotta go out and find a monkey...

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