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Monday, December 16, 2013


I have NEWS!!

 Good news, bad news, and weird news. 

What do you want first?
If you’re like me you’ll say good news first because then you can remind yourself of the good news while listening to the bad news. However, since both my good news and bad news are related I have to start without the bad, which is a two-parter.
First Part
The follow-up book to At Death It Begins won’t be released until January 2014 (the exact day is still pending. Should have the exact date for you by Christmas)
Second Part:
       The name has changed to Death’s Touch. Why? You ask yourself and it's simple this title works better for the story. 

Now onto the good news? these changes are for the better, trust me. If I rushed to meet my first deadline (December 21)I’d be giving you poop on toast. And poop on toast isn’t good trust me (no I have never eaten it but anything with poop on it can’t be good) BUT, if you liked the first book then I think you’re gonna  love the second one, at least I hope so. Adding these extra weeks will guarantee you get the best of the best of best SIR! (sorry watched Men In Black last night)

Now are you ready for the crazy news?

(drum roll please) 


Paris Hilton has a new album out! 
Does anyone even remember who she is? She must be like the "Hoff" of pop or something. Who the hell is buying her albums?
And yes I just called David Hasselhoff the Hoff

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Giving Tuesday

I don’t know how many of you have heard about Giving Tuesday. I’d never heard of it myself until recent weeks, but its the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday (wonder if they labeled days like this in olden times? Was there pray-the-sun-comes-up Monday? Or may-the-crops-grow Wednesday?)

Anyway giving Tuesday is all about giving (something the holidays bring out in us) back. At least for me as I’m sitting around the table with all my nearest and dearest I’m reminded how lucky I am. 
With that in mind a local charity near and dear to my heart is Over The Rainbow Butterfly Garden, which successfully raised over $3500 on Giving Tuesday. 

It’s a local non-profit in Flagstaff raising money to provide scholarships for speech and occupational therapies for elementary up to high school ages students. As a mother of a son who struggled in his early schooling because of a learning disability, additional help was needed and very expensive. That’s one reason I think this non-profit is awesome. Second it was started by my cousin and her husband, (two of the most extraordinary people you’ll ever meet) in memorial of their beautiful son who was taken from us far to soon, as a way to give back to a community that have supported them through very difficult times. 
They also scored a third win on Wednesday (December 4) when permits were approved for the Butterfly Garden and Science Center to be built in Flagstaff. (They’re hoping to break ground in April YES!!!!)
To learn more about the scholarships, the butterfly garden or to donate please check out their website www. or click on the linky below. 

This is me saying thank-you to all who gave on Giving Tuesday and to those who continue to give even after the holidays. Your kindness is what continues to drive hope.