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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's


If you know me then you know to make me happy all I need is chocolate (dark chocolate is the best) or pickles (Heinz original Dill is the best) and books. Lots and lots of books. I love to read and I love to eat, when I combine the two? I haven't combined the two because I'm afraid of opening a wormhole. Think about it. It's just too much goodness at once and whenever you have that much goodness going at once you're just asking for trouble.

Anyways, in the spirit of the holiday I've decided to share the love. Next month is March Madness for me.  I know March Madness refers to college basketball or something but for me, March Madness refers to me taking the whole month of March off.

 In March I'm ATTEMPTING to read 20 BOOKS. Can I do it?
Who knows, but I'm going to try. It's with that idea that I'm going to share with you the books keyed up on my TBR list waiting to be the 20. Almost all of them are author friends of mine or authors I adore. So with further fan fare, here goes.

1. K. Webster's Broken
2. Lisa Rikand's Annie of London
3. Pepper Winters' Tears of Tess
4. Ella Frank's Try
5. Tessa Teevan's Ignite
6. Jacquelyn Ayres' Goodbye Caution
7. Rochelle Paige's Push the Envelope
8. Kelly Maestas' Tempo
9. Ella Fox's Consequences of Deception
10. Harper Sloan's
11. Tijan's Carter Reed
12. Stacey Mosteller's Save Me From Myself
13. S. C. Ellingtons' Unsettled

I haven't picked the last seven yet because, seriously, look at the list. Look at those covers and the blurbs? Ahhh, so hard to choose.  If I make it through those 13 then  I'lll post here what seven other books I'll be reading. So wish me luck.


  1. Fabulous list of books you will love them, and i'll be reading some of those alongside you, and i'd really like to read Changing Course by Aly Martinez too

  2. I read Changing Course it was so good.

  3. Annie of London is on my list as well. Plus Tempo sounds really good. In the meantime, though, I'm loving me a little At Death It Begins! :)