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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just wanted to tell you a little about what's been going on and why I've been so quiet. First I've been getting book 2 of ADIB series ready since it comes out on February 14 (WOOHOO!!!) and then I'll be doing a blog tour at the end of February (getting a bit nervous there). I've also been in a writing cave trying to get a short novella together for a box set collaboration with a few other Indie authors (which I'm excited about).

And finally, I, along with a some very awesome Indie authors started the I.R.A.C (Indie Romance Author Chicks). If you haven't heard about it, well, it's fricking awesome. GO check us out on Facebook.  Here's the link.
Indie Romance Author Chicks

First you may find a new book to read and second there are a ton of amazing giveaways going on, so go on now check it out. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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