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Monday, December 16, 2013


I have NEWS!!

 Good news, bad news, and weird news. 

What do you want first?
If you’re like me you’ll say good news first because then you can remind yourself of the good news while listening to the bad news. However, since both my good news and bad news are related I have to start without the bad, which is a two-parter.
First Part
The follow-up book to At Death It Begins won’t be released until January 2014 (the exact day is still pending. Should have the exact date for you by Christmas)
Second Part:
       The name has changed to Death’s Touch. Why? You ask yourself and it's simple this title works better for the story. 

Now onto the good news? these changes are for the better, trust me. If I rushed to meet my first deadline (December 21)I’d be giving you poop on toast. And poop on toast isn’t good trust me (no I have never eaten it but anything with poop on it can’t be good) BUT, if you liked the first book then I think you’re gonna  love the second one, at least I hope so. Adding these extra weeks will guarantee you get the best of the best of best SIR! (sorry watched Men In Black last night)

Now are you ready for the crazy news?

(drum roll please) 


Paris Hilton has a new album out! 
Does anyone even remember who she is? She must be like the "Hoff" of pop or something. Who the hell is buying her albums?
And yes I just called David Hasselhoff the Hoff

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